Monday, August 5, 2013

day 4 with DKRK

We started off this morning with Kelsie Rose cutting my hair!  She's in cosmetology school right now, and I told her that if she brought her scissors I'd let her do it.

Here we go!
 It always grows back....right???  ;)
 There's no turning back now!
 We skyped my mom so she could watch too!  :)
 It turned out great!  So proud of you, Rose!
We joked that now she can add "traveling hair stylist...worked in South Korea" on her resume.  :)

In the afternoon we decided to stay home and hang out.  We took the boys out for some fresh air and to run around a little too.

P was not having any part of the water.  Connar had to be coaxed in.
 "Hey!  You too big for my bike!"

We're loving having them here!

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