Sunday, September 29, 2013

their 1st movie in a theater!

We took the boys to see their very first movie in a theater!
We figured Connar could sit through a movie, but weren't so sure about Parker.  We decided to give it a shot anyway, because you never know until you try, right?  :)

A few days leading up to this, I tried to prep Connar for what you do at the movies: pick a movie, get candy/drinks/popcorn, and sit in a big room with a really big TV screen to watch the movie.

We decided on "Despicable Me 2" since we all loved the first movie and Parker gets a kick out of those little minions' silly voices and antics (hoping they would keep him entertained)!

Next up on "what you do at the movies" to do list was get candy/drinks/popcorn.  :)
 He loved being able to pick out his own candy.  :)  Sour Skittles it was.

We got there not too long before the previews began.  Parker tuned out during the first preview because it wasn't kid related so they lost him there.  To keep him in his chair, I had to pull out my secret weapon, the iPad, to keep him seated.  I turned the brightness wayyyyy down, along with the volume, and let him watch Thomas the Train until he was interested enough in the actual movie where I could reach over and turn it off.

 After the movie was over, there was no sneaking by the video games, so we gave the boys a few minutes to explore.

Although Parker did a pretty good job (he did sit in his chair for the entire movie, people!), I think we'll wait a little bit longer before taking him back for another movie theater experience.  Connar, on the other hand, will be making another appearance at the theater on the sooner side.  :)

I was so happy that Talton was able to join the boys for their first movie in the theater.  Love when we get to experience things as a family and make memories together!  :)

P.S. - Thank you to my awesome mom who accompanied us on this venture (and many others, such as the recent zoo trip) and took pictures for me.  It's nice to be in the pictures every once in a makes it look like I'm actually there.  ;)

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