Monday, September 9, 2013

See you soon, DKRK!

The morning came for DJ, Kelsie, Ryan, and Kaylon to leave and head back home to Houston.
Saying goodbye see you soon is never easy when it comes to my family, even though we knew we'd see them again in a month when we made our way home for a visit.  Tears were shed, and I definitely missed them before they even reached the elevator.

I know that it's rare for siblings to be so close, but it's true that it can happen.  We've been this way our whole lives.  I know that things in our life have probably led us to be close, but I have to say that it's also the way we were raised.  We grew up not being allowed to say ugly things to each other, having to support each other even if we wanted to go off and do our own things at times, and to take care of each other.  T and I are determined to work our hardest to do all that we can to make sure C & P have an amazing sibling relationship, just like I do with my brothers and sister and how he has with them (considering he's been their brother for 14 years now).  I want them to want to be around each other as adults, to be able to trust each other, and I hope we're setting a good example for C & P and all the other kids that will be born into our amazing family.  Thank you, God, for making me their big sister and for bringing T into their lives.  We adore these people and are so happy that they were able to spend this time with us on the other side of the world.  It's an experience we were able to share together and something we'll talk about forever.

DJ, Kelsie, Ryan, and Kaylon...
Our wish for you was that you came to Korea with an open mind and heart.  We wanted you to experience a culture so different than your own that it pushed you out of your comfort zone.  We wanted you to gain more of an appreciation for how you live versus how other people in our world live.  Sometimes it feels like the world is only what you experience day in and day out, but it's so much more than that.  We hope that you enjoyed your experience so much that you've gotten bit by the travel bug and have a strong urge to see other parts of this grand world we all live in and to one day show it to your kids so that they too grow up to be well rounded, decent, loving, accepting people.  It's important to be open and accepting of not only the way people live but also, and arguably more important, of who people are.  It's these differences that make the world go round.  Talton and I love you all dearly and are so proud to be your oldest sister and brother.

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  1. No one... ABSOLUTELY NO ONE could be better role models for their siblings than you and Talton. God truly blessed me with four amazing children and then blessed all of us with Talton. I think about this every day and I thank God for sharing all of you with me. Thank you Talton for loving not only Kristi but for loving the whole package!