Thursday, September 12, 2013

their new ride

T & I vowed that on this visit home we would relax way more than we did on our last visit at Christmas.  We really made a point to slow down and only fit in our schedule what was most important, some dates ALONE for us, and lots of play time for the boys.

How cute is this little guy?
It's always a good thing when he wakes up happy like this.  :)

GrammE and PaJ came home from church this day (a couple days after we arrived in Houston) with a new toy for the boys.  Check out their new ride!

Kate and Aaron, neighbors across the street from my mom, came over to play too!  The boys absolutely LOVE these two kids, and I know why.  They love my boys, they're super sweet, and they love hanging out with them.  They are great kids with great manners to boot.  :)

We had quite a few of days like this where we just hung out and played.  Yay!

 GrammE came back from a visit to Toys R Us with a new mask for C, since he was collecting any mask he could find the other day to wear in the pool.

 It's a cool thing when you figure out how to lean on and stand on the side of the pool to let the water out.  :)
 This mound of concrete broken up had to have been heaven for a little guy like P who loves to find rocks everywhere he goes.

 These two make my world go round and round and round.  I love them to infinity and beyond.

We loved these simple, relaxing days during our visit.  :)

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