Thursday, September 12, 2013

first day home

Once we got to my mom's from the airport, we were sooo ready to get out of the car, after our long 13 hour flight.  The only other thing that made me happier than getting out of the car was this...
 a humongo Sonic Coke waiting for me!  Thank you, Wayne, for making this Texas girl happy.  :)

Before we could even get our bags in the door, the boys were already busy playing in the yard.
 GrammE even had their pool set up for them!
 Parker didn't bother to take off his clothes before hopping in the water, and C and PaJ had a little water gun shoot out.
 T and I were just happy to be there to have some relief for the first time in a long time.  It was so nice to be able to sit back and have other people push them in the car or play in the water with them.  Honestly, I just wanted to curl up on that picnic table with my Sonic Coke and take a long nap.

It wasn't long before the boys headed upstairs to check out their playroom!  They often ask GrammE to show them their toys via Skype, so they were so excited to get up there and tinker with them themselves.

 Bella was watching C read...

Apparently it was necessary to take out nearly all the toys.  I bet it was his way of taking inventory since it had been so long since he had last been there.

Then it was back outside WITH SWIM SUITS ON to take another dip in the water.



How about this one?
 Or this one?
 Or maybe both together?

While P was pointing out an airplane flying overhead, C took it upon himself to get GrammE a tad wet.  You can see him on the left holding the water hose up.  :)
 It was the funniest thing ever to him!  haaaa!!!

There was no question what we were having for dinner.  Mexican food!

Poor Parker Bug was so ridiculously exhausted that he wasn't one bit interested in eating and soon took resting into his own hands...literally.

He started out with his chin on the table.
 Then resting on his hand.
 Then back down on the table on top of his bear.
 And finally lights out.
 That looked way too uncomfortable for him, so I just held him while I ate my cheese enchiladas.  Look, there was no getting between me and my Mexican food...not even an entire child's body.  C started getting tired too and wanted to be held.  Tired would be the understatement of the year at this point.

It's safe to say it was time to call it a day when we got home.  I unpacked the clean jammies we needed for the night and left everything else in the suitcases for the next day.
The boys went to sleep with no problems.  It was about 1 am when jet lag came knocking on our door.  Boo for that.  T and I could've slept straight through the night, but C & P thought we should have a conference meeting from about 1-4 or so.  Um, no thank you, but there wasn't much you can do about that.  It takes about a week to get over the jet lag, so it wasn't until several days later that the boys didn't think it was party time from 1-3 every night.  Thank goodness it got a little better each day, because we were able to enjoy our visit for the next few weeks.  :)

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