Monday, September 9, 2013

Will you marry me?

While we were in Houston last month, my brother, DJ, proposed to his girlfriend, Liz.  He had been planning on doing it for a while and wanted to do it at a family dinner we already had planned when everyone would be there, so it worked out perfectly that we would be in town to witness it first hand!  What a blessing it was for us to be there for that moment.  Thank you for sharing it with all of us, DJ.  Liz's reaction was priceless, and it was beautiful to see the two of you interacting as if none of the rest of us were there for that tiny moment in time, yet huge moment in your lives.

Many people in our family have August and September birthdays that we were celebrating at the upcoming family dinner, and this was the perfect opportunity for DJ to surprise Liz since they were already coming here for something different, which meant she wouldn't suspect a thing!  He decided to disguise the engagement with my mom's help.

After dinner, she told everyone she had a community birthday gift for all of the birthday people (Talton, her, Aaron, DJ, and Liz), and everyone had to get up to unwrap their box one at a time.  When they opened their box, there would be another box inside it with the next person's birthday card on top so they knew it was their turn to open the next box.  Liz would be the last person who would reach the last box inside all the other boxes, and that box would contain the ring.  So exciting, right?!

DJ came over to my mom's a couple days before the big day to prepare.  Look at him wrap those gifts like a pro!  I especially like the variety in wrapping paper.  :)

The big day arrived a couple days later!
Here is DJ sitting on the couch waiting for his turn to open his part of the community birthday gift from my mom....only minutes away from becoming engaged!
 First up was Talton.  He read his card on top, opened the box, and...
  ...the next birthday card on top of the next box was for Aaron.
Then it was DJ's turn.
 And finally Liz!
 She just opened all the flaps on the box that read "Liz, Will you marry me?"
 DJ reached in the box to grab the ring box...
 ...and started in with his speech.  Her body language is so awesome you can tell what's happening without even seeing her face.  (I was taking pictures from one angle and my mom from another.)
 She is so surprised!  She absolutely can't believe what DJ is doing!  The rest of us are on pins and needles, waiting to hear what he says, and some of us are even crying from watching this unfold in front of us.  It was so special!
 And there he dropped to his knee!  She is still in complete shock!
 And this...This is my absolute favorite shot!  Doesn't it speak volumes of happiness?!
 He's putting a ring on it!!

 Yep, that just happened!

And for your added pleasure and lifelong memory for the future husband and wife, here's video!

Time to show off the ring, give hugs, and make phone calls to family...
 I was recording them calling family so they'd be able to look back on that later.  It's so fun to call and give people such exciting news!!

This cracks me up!  Liz is trying to figure out just how he planned this without her knowing it, and he's so proud of himself for pulling it off.  :)
 So you came over to your mom's when to put this all together?  And you sent me to get my nails done yesterday and I didn't suspect a thing!

And no engagement post would be complete without a shot of the ring!  Isn't it gorgeous?!!

Let's not forget that their (and ours!) excitement is doubled because they're not only engaged, but they're expecting their first baby!  Good times ahead, people!  

Congratulations, DJ and Liz!  We are all happily looking forward to seeing what amazing things God has in store for your future as husband and wife.  :)

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  1. Oh my goodness you have me crying again! I loved this whole proposal. DJ and Liz were sooooo happy! And so were the rest of us. Love, love, loved this day! I can't wait to have another daughter to spoil!