Monday, September 9, 2013

Look out aunt ever coming through!

My brother, DJ, and his girlfriend, Liz, are expecting a baby February 19, 2014
my sister, Kelsie, and her boyfriend, Josh, are expecting a baby March 18, 2014!

It's so exciting that we're going to have TWO new babies in our family so close to each other!

First, Kelsie called with their awesome news.  I showed C the ultrasound picture and told him it was a baby in Kelsie's tummy. He said, "The baby is in a washer. Why does she want a baby?" I assume "washer" means he thinks it looks like the washing machine does from the outside, looking through the door, at all the clothes and water swishing around in there.  ha!!

When I asked him if Kelsie's baby, also known as my Tator Tot #1, was going to be a girl or a boy, he said, "No.  I just want Parker." I said, "Why?  Is Parker your best friend?"  "Uh huh," while shaking his head yes.

Then like one week later DJ rocked our world in such a great way when he told us that Liz is pregnant.  Here is my conversation with Connar about Tator Tot #2.
me: "Do you think they'll have a boy or girl?"
Connar: "A girl."
me: "What should they name the girl?"
Connar: "Liz."

Hopefully by the next round of babies he'll be old enough to answer these types of questions with better answers that might be helpful.  Granted, they might not be nearly as comical as these are.  :)

I'm over the moon to know that I'll soon have cute nieces/nephews to spoil and make love me.  :)  It's so fun to think of how C & P will have cousins to play with, of course when they're old enough to do so!

The icing on the cake for us is that we're moving home next month and are super excited that we'll be present for not only their pregnancies but also their deliveries.  Woo hoo to not missing these important days!

Congratulations, everyone!

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  1. Yes, one of many memories I'll always have... Kelsie and Josh telling me they were pregnant on Saturday night and DJ and Liz calling two days later to tell me on Monday. WOW!!!!!!!! How lucky these two babies will be with you as an Aunt. I remember what it was like to adore my aunts (my mother's sisters). I'm sure these babies will adore you too!