Monday, September 9, 2013

day 10 with DKRK

So DJ, Kelsie, Ryan, and Kaylon went out the night before this for a last hoorah in Busan and didn't get in until reallllllly late.  While they were sleeping this morning, I took the boys outside to run around.

Today being their last day with us, it was time for them to pack up their suitcases.  :(

DJ tried leaving his sword for the boys to play with, but T and I shot that down real quick.  It may not be real, but left in the hands of a 2 and 3 year old, it can most definitely cause tons of damage.

pouty, sad faces all around....
 Oh Ryan.  You smiling when you're suppose to be showing me your sad face is so you.  I would expect nothing less, my dear brother.  :)

When T got home from work, we went out for one last dinner to Sharky's for American food.  Come to find out, DKRK went to this place last night and even hung out with some of the staff after shutting the place down.  It was a yummy but bittersweet dinner knowing that they'd be leaving us in the morning.

How is their stay already over???  Those 10 days really flew by!

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