Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tot School is now in session!

Since moving to Korea, Talton's coworkers often ask if C & P are in kindergarten yet.  By "kindergarten" they mean "school", and by "school" they mean "daycare".  They are literally in awe that a mom would want to stay home with her kids all day when there is an option to send them to kindergarten for most, if not all, of the day.  It's just how they do it around here.


(1) They do stay home with me on a daily basis, which means they don't get learning activities and experiences from any other sources ,
(2) Connar has been showing interest in letters and numbers recently, and
(3) Connar is now 3 and it's time for him to get into some sort of structured learning ...
... I decided to start our version of Tot School this week. 

I've been racking my brain with how I wanted to tackle the alphabet and numbers with him for months now, but I just couldn't decide on any one way.  So in true teacher fashion, I jumped right in and have been flying by the seat of my pants every day, which in the end has actually turned out better than any "plan" I was working on.

Have you ever seen this poster (I found this one on Pinterest)?

It is so right on with how I'm rolling with our Tot School activities!

We're getting into a rhythm and a bit of a routine with certain things we've been revisiting and practicing each day, and I find myself thinking of new activities as we're knee deep in another.  I love it!

I also love how much C is enjoying this.  It's music to his ears to hear me say, "Let's do some school stuff!"  He gets so excited and runs to the table, anxiously waiting for me to pull something out.

I bought a set of alphabet posters on a great website called www.teacherspayteachers.com (because a smart and efficient teacher knows there's no reason to reinvent the wheel for no good reason, right?!) and hung them at Connar's eye level in our front hall.  A-Z snakes from one side of the hall to the other.  I did that on purpose so he could touch each letter with a pointer (or in our case, a spatula!) as he sings the alphabet song.

I'll update more on our first letter of Tot School, "A", once we finish with it, but I absolutely had to share this video of Connar singing the alphabet song while tapping the letters with the spatula.  He does such a great job!  My favorite part has to be "L-M-N-O-P" which in his language is "L-M-Memo_P".  Awesome!  :)

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