Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I tried another new Korean dish this past weekend called dakgalbi.  It's spicy stir-fried chicken with vegetables (cabbage, greens).  Take a peek!

This place stays pretty busy from what we can see.  People were piling in with us when we arrived, and there was a group of people waiting at the front of the restaurant waited to be seated when we left.

We got the boys all set up with their movies and dinner.  When we go out somewhere like this, I always pack their dinner of pb&j sandwich with lots of fruit and snacks.  With this combination of stuff to occupy them, they usually do a really great job of sitting still while we eat. 

This place did not have high chairs, unfortunately, so Parker figured out that he was able to stand and move around a little while in to dinner.  It was about that time when he mosied on over to the table next to us that we quickened our pace and finished dinner so we could head back home.  :)

They started by heating the grill in the middle of the table to get the chicken and cabbage cooking.

Then, they placed a barrier around the grill to prevent the food from falling out while they quickly stirred it and so the meat/sauce didn't pop out toward us.  This was great considering Parker was within arm's reach of this baby.

Next, they added in this heaping plateful of rice.

The man stirred it and let it sit over and over again until the rice and chicken were all cooked and fried up.  Those spatulas they use to stir and flatten the rice are pretty nifty!

From start to finish, the meal was ready in less than 10 minutes.  So easy and fast!  I thought the dakgalbi was good and was happy that I tried it.  It's not my favorite dish I've tried since living here, but I'm definitely willing to go back and give it another shot.  For me, the picky eater, I'd say that's a pretty big deal.  :)

As we walked home (check out how the boys are all bundled up and keeping warm....lucky!), I took these quick shots to show how there is very little room to walk around on these little streets in between buildings.  We have two double strollers....this one that is front to back and another umbrella stroller that is side by side.  This back to back stroller has been down some tiny alleys and seen some pretty crazy/cool stuff since living here!

Yay to another new experience!  Thank you, Korea, for forcing me to get out of my comfort zone every now and then to try something new.  :)

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