Monday, February 4, 2013

first boxes of 2013!

My dad sent us a couple boxes recently....our first boxes of 2013!  :)

He sent me the cereal and marshmallows to make Rice Krispy Treats (oh my!!!!!!!), brownie mix (YES!), and another bottle of vanilla extract (I'm a cookie making fool, and they don't sell vanilla here!) among other treats.  Some other fantastic things he sent were new Scentsy bars for my warmer, a food scraper for dishes (I'm so tired of food getting stuck in the bristles of my dish brush!), and a new nose sucker!

Well the technical name is not nose sucker, it's nasal aspirator, but we lovingly refer to it as our nose sucker.  I bought one of these the first time a couple years ago.  Using the old blue bulb (you know, the one you get in the hospital when you have a baby....speaking of, have you ever seen the inside of one of those after using it for so long?  Dis.gus.ting!) to suck the snot out of his nose was getting old because I felt like the whole process of holding him down, sucking the snot, and pushing the snot out in a tissue over and over again took way too long.  After telling a friend about this frustration, she said she uses one of these babies.  I went to the store that day, and I swear by it ever since. 
This thing is ah-mazing!  Not only does it suck all the snot out and collect it in the nifty clear cup (so you can see how much came out as well as the color....I know, gross, but it's important), but this sucker plays music to distract the kid!  At least that's what it's suppose to do.  It never distracted my kids.  They would and still do try to wiggle away from me and the nose sucker, but at least with this electric nose sucker I can get in and out, so to speak.

You might be wondering why my dad is sending me a nose sucker.  I mean, if I love it so much, shouldn't I already own one?  Well yes, I should...and did.  My first lasted for a couple years before a piece broke off that held the cup onto the white part.  In the trash it went, and to the computer to order a new one I went (Target sells them but only online...they sell a different one in store).

So it came in the mail, and the first time I used my second nose sucker, Parker was thrashing around so hard to get out of my arms that he knocked it loose from my hand, it went flying, and it broke on the floor.  UGH!  Back to the computer I went...this time I ordered two (my third and fourth...I told you I swear by this baby!)!  Now I have a replacement and a replacement for my replacement, if needed.  :)  Thank you, Dad!

As usual when we are lucky enough to get a box, Connar climbed on the table so he could see into the box with no problem and instructed me to get the scissors.  :)

He was thrilled when he saw these cheese and crackers!

Ha!  Look how much cheese stuff was in this box!  Now that's what I'm talking about!  :)

T was pretty psyched to get his hat back that he left behind in Houston over Christmas. He said, "It has dirt and all still!" with a smile.  :)

 And there was even a little surprise for me!  A Vera Bradley bracelet....I love VB!

These "hot booties" weren't a surprise.  When my dad told me he was buying them for me for my birthday, I honestly had no idea what hot booties were.  Now I do.  If you don't, google it.  Long story short, they're microwaveable house slippers.
 It only took about 90 seconds to get them warmed up!

 Thank you, Dad and Esther, for all the goodies!  We love you for thinking about us.  :)  xoxoxo

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