Monday, February 4, 2013

Red Velvet cupcake cafe

We hopped on the subway on Sunday afternoon and headed to try a new cupcake place!

I wish all subway stations had the rails blocked off with glass, but until they do, these guys will stay strapped in the stroller.  :)
This location of Red Velvet is the second in Busan, but this one is MUCH closer than the original shop (one subway stop....or about a 15 minute walk from our condo, now that I know where it is).

Directions to this location: Take the subway to the Jung-Dong subway station.  Go out exit 2 (or if you have a stroller like me, go out exit 4, go left on the sidewalk when you step off the elevator at street level until you get to exit 2, then follow the rest of these directions) and take an immediate left down the street.  Red Velvet is in the strip center ahead, off to the right.  Very easy to get to.  They're open from 12 pm-10 pm every day except Tuesdays.

Just like at Good Ovening, the first cupcake place we tried, Red Velvet's cupcakes are decorated to the nines.  And they're 4000 won ($4) each!  (I believe I read somewhere that the Good Ovening in Seomyeon is closed now, but there is another location, as well as a few other cupcakes places in Busan to try.),

We tried out the red velvet (of course, you have to when that's the restaurant's namesake), the choco & vanilla, and the strawberry.  Now that we've tested out many different types of cupcakes in Korea, it's safe to say that they just make them different than we're used to in America.  Duh, you might be thinking, but a girl can wish for a moist cupcake, right?!  I knew going in that it wouldn't be the same, so I didn't go for that.  I went for the experience and also because it's neat to see how another culture makes one of my favorites from back home.  I will say that the red velvet cupcake has been the best cupcake we've had in Korea, hands down.  It was the most moist and most flavorful, including that cream cheese frosting.  While we didn't love all of them, we'll go back for more red velvet in the future.
 Connar also tried out the candies on top of the cupcakes.  :)  Of course he did, he's 3!

Aside from the adorable cupcakes, the cafe itself is so darling!  It's quaint and has a retro feel with its random decorations that somehow all go together.  Super, super cute!

This place even has a nail polish station where you can give yourself a manicure while you snack.  :)

Handwritten notes and drawings cover a wall....
I thought this one was cute because the paper is personalized for that that's so up my alley!  In the top right corner it says "Lovely Twins" with pictures of their twins at the bottom.  Adorable...the personalized paper AND the twins!
This was my favorite by far.  Not only does this person compliment Red Velvet on its interior design and cupcakes, they also manage to squeeze in this gem: "We are gonna get married in November.  Plz congratulate us."  Ha!  I couldn't make this stuff up, people. 
 We came across these interesting names of places and even a daycare.  Only in Korea.  Love it.
Dennis the Menace Golf
Wiz Island Daycare
Mafia Bar
Best Shop

Oh, and here's another great thing about the location of this Red Velvet... It's right down the street from the Mexican food place, Artista, I tried a few weeks ago.  It's a neat feeling when you start to recognize places in a foreign country that is currently your home.  As I stood outside Red Velvet, I looked around and suddenly thought, "Hmmmm.  This sure looks like the area where the taxi driver dropped us off when we were lost that one night looking for Artista."   :)

If you've yet to try this place, you need to come here to the Jung-Dong location and swing by Artista while you're at it.  You won't regret it.  :)

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