Sunday, February 17, 2013

a box of love

My mom and stepdad sent the boys a box full of goodies and gifts for Valentine's Day and Parker's birthday.  Man, you should see these boys sprint to the door when they hear the delivery man ring our bell!  :)

GrammE mailed Connar his monkey that he left behind in Houston when we came back to Korea in January.  We didn't do it on purpose actually.  He dropped it on the driveway when we were packing into the car at 6 am, and we didn't realize it until we got home and I was looking for it.  It's a good thing he has two because the other held him over until GrammE mailed this one.  :)  That's the face of happiness right there!

Thank you for all the boys' goodies Mom and Joel!  xoxo

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