Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Plug that hole!

I've got to share something GENIUS I do with the boys' bath case anyone else out there has the same problem we do in our house.

The problem is that bath toys are fun for a while and then one day there's some black, slimy stuff floating around in your bath tub.  Gross!  That black, slimy stuff is from the water that was trapped inside the bath toy that has now found its way the same water that you're trying to get clean in.

Then one day I had the greatest idea (I'm sure this is probably old news to some people, but it was a new idea to me)!  I pulled out my hot glue gun and glued those suckers shut.  Now, that means they can't squirt each other with those squirters anymore, but I'm good with that as long as there's no gross stuff floating around.  Plus, we have a cup, a water gun, and a water bottle that they can soak each other with now.  :) 

And guess what else that handy little hot glue gun is good for!  Plugging up the holes on the 15 dinosaurs that made loud squeaky noises, of course!  Notice I said "made", because these guys don't "make" a peep anymore.  :)

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