Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Betcha can't play with just one!

You know the Lays potato chip slogan, "Betcha can't eat just one!"?  That's exactly how my boys feel about playing with cars, trucks, planes, and helicopters! 

Instead of taking out just a couple to play with today, they took every single vehicle out of their nice, neat home in a box.  Talk about making me go bananas inside!  Not outside....just inside....I didn't want to squash them playing so well together BUT I'm not gonna lie...I did want to grab a broom and round 'em up! 

Just this morning I had Connar shimmy his way under the couch to fetch tons of cars that he intentionally put there.  And now, I'm in the other room and hear, "BOOM! SLAM! CRASH!"  I'm thinking that's the sound of either (1) cars slamming against each other OR (2) boys slamming against each other.  Because I know how many little vehicles these boys own, I was kind of hoping that it was #2 and not the entire box of cars that we had just cleaned up hours before.  Don't judge...there was no crying so I figured if it's the boys wrestling and getting a little too rough, at least there's only two of them to clean up versus the 89 cars.  ;)

Well, as you can see from this picture, they were playing together but the loud crashing was from all the cars running into each other and the wall.  I guess I should be happy that at least he didn't slide them back under the couch.

These two have been playing together like best friends lately.  I guess Connar thinks Parker is old enough and worth his time to play with now and Parker realized he's big and tough enough to hang with his older brother now.  Seriously, they wrestle like they're the same age.  Parker can totally hold his own.  I love watching them play together!

Know what else I love to watch?  This.....
This is Parker randomly leaning over and hugging his big brother.  He adores him.  Connar said in such a gentle voice, "Thank you Parker."  I just want to eat them up!

Then, of course the next logical place to play with their 89 vehicles was on my bed...in a tent.  :) 
They make a tent together nearly every day now.  I've learned the hard way to not even worry about making my bed because that's pretty much an invitation for them to come and make a mess of it.  Sometimes they don't even have toys under there.  It's like they're having a secret pow-wow about brotherly stuff that I'm not invited to, because as soon as I open the "door" to check in on them, they scatter like roaches.  They crack me up!

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