Thursday, August 16, 2012

My guys this week

I love my three guys.  :)  These are some random pictures from this week.

Parker after bath time.  He likes to hold his glasses while I dress him, and then he tries to put them on himself.
Hey there handsome!
Isn't he gorgeous?!  AND he's sweet to boot!
The makings of a meltdown.  I can't help it, but this makes me laugh!
Oh, he starts out all smiles.  Then...'s all downhill from there.
A fit isn't a fit unless you're on the floor on your belly, right?!  Here he goes!
And to top the fit off, just to be sure you know he's not happy, he throws in a good, loud shriek.

Why, you ask, is he so mad?  Who. Knows.  He's 1.  Doesn't that explain it all?!
This makes me laugh and smile.  Look at P checking out his big brother.  He adores him.  The adoration goes both ways, although you wouldn't know it sometimes.  ;)  This is the stuff I dreamed of when I thought about having babies so close together...intentionally.  I wanted them to have a built in buddy.  And they are just that.
My hubby loves football like no other.  No seriously, he loves it.  He could slip right into the job of a commentator, scout, sports analyst, sideline reporter, or coach without skipping a beat.  I'm always amazed by how much he knows about football, past and present.  With the upcoming football season, he found a way to have access to every single NFL game.  He's super excited, because he wouldn't be able to get that in the U.S..  This is him after he got it all set up and was watching his first preseason game.  Can you tell he's content???  It only took the two iPads and his laptop to figure out how to make it work the first time.  Now he's got it all figured out and can have it up and running on the TV using just the iPad in no time at all.  I'm so happy he can watch football, because I know how much he absolutely loves it!

I finally found seedless grapes!  The boys were so funny eating them for the first time in a couple months.  They were rubbing them on their tongues like they'd never tasted them before.
offering to share with me  :)
 I caught the guys playing a new game on the iPad.  It's amazing how well a 2 and 1 year old can navigate that thing!
amazed by something
I love how Parker is leaning in and holding on to his tootsie.  :)
I love T's smile in this.  He was so happy to just be hanging out with his boys.
What a cutie patootie!

 I showed C how to make a necklace out of fruit loops, but he never got more than 5 on there before he started eating them!  :)  It was great to keep him busy as well as to practice his eye/hand coordination.  He loved it.  It's actually still sitting on my counter, because he's been asking to do it nearly every day since.
P made himself at home in some new spots this week.  :)

Try telling a 1 year old, "Just because you fit in it doesn't mean you should sit in it."
I come around the corner and see him sitting in the laundry basket in the laundry room.  Silly boy.
When C got up from his nap one day this week, he immediately came in, hugged me, and said, "I wanna pay with stickers."  Soooooo off I went to fetch the boy some stickers from my craft box.  I let him have at it and do what he pleased.  By the time it was overwith, he had stickers from head to toe and front to back.  He had a ball!  :)
He's gotten so good at peeling stickers off.  That's a hard task for little fingers!
He was trying to shake the stickers off his arm and foot.
Another time I found C snuggled up under my covers on my bed playing the iPad.  You'd think he was hiding from P, but P was sleeping and C told me he just liked laying there.  He's such a doll.

 This is kind of random BUT I have to show you.  I walked in the living room during nap time one day and saw Buzz Lightyear sitting like this on the floor.  He's in such a position that it made think about Toy Story and how the toys come to life when nobody's looking.  I don't remember either boy sitting Buzz there AND what a weird position for him to be in.  Have you ever walked in to find a toy and wondered, "Maybe...." too, or am I the only crazy one in the world???  (Of course I know that's not possible...right?!)


  1. Wait... You mean they don't come to life when no one's around?
    Those are 2 adorable sweet boys. Love looking at their faces and reading your posts.