Thursday, August 16, 2012

milk tops matching

OMG!  I just made the boys (really, just Connar for now until Parker is a little older to understand the game) a new matching/memory game!  I've been saving the tops off the milk jugs all week (and will continue to do so next week to make even more) to make this game, and I saved up 6 already in just the last 4 days!  I know, I know... You're thinking, "Wow, they went through 6 gallons of milk in 4 days!"  No, we didn't.  We went through half gallons in that amount of time.  :)   Talton said that people look at him like he's crazy when he checks out at Costco with 6 jugs of milk each week.  I told him to just simply tell them we have little babies at home who love milk a couple times a day and a daddy who enjoys a bowl of cereal as dessert nearly every night.  :)

Here are the materials you need if you want to make these for your little monkeys.

Let me know if you want me to email you this Word document with the pictures and game name.  I'm more than happy to share!  :)
the tops - I glued my name labels right on top of the red milk labels.  I know it's not perfect cutting (remember the game is for a 2 year old :)  ), but I like the way it gives it a red border anyway.
the bottoms - I sat Connar at the computer tonight and had him pick out the pictures he liked, not telling him why I wanted him to pick pictures.  These were the first three he chose.  As I collect more milk tops, I'll add a gift box, a fire fighter, a star, and a candy cane to this game.
I copied these pictures from where they have a "free resources" tab with lots of cute clip art.

This game was made for my 2 year old, but it would work for any age and subject.  This matching/memory game can be easily modified to use as a study tool as well. Don't you just love games that double as learning!?  :)

I can't wait until tomorrow when Connar will try this game out for the first time!  I know he'll love it!


  1. Do you have anywhere there to get a circle punch tool? It looks like a 1" and maybe a 1/2" would work. Great idea!! We love matching games

  2. Ha! I wish there was a craft store. I'm itching for a Hobby Lobby like nobody's business. No circle punches. That definitely would've made it faster and prettier but whatever. It's a good thing the boys don't care how perfect my circles are. :)