Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's good to be loved.

Christmas came early again today when we received TWO big boxes full of goodies from my stepdad, Wayne.  C calls him Paw Paw Wayne (it started out as Grandpa Wayne, but C tends to like Paw Paw better than Grandpa so we go with it....we go with pretty much anything if it's said in his cute little boy voice).  :)


I've already put away a box of Velveeta, a bag of noodles, and a couple packages of brown gravy for Thanksgiving.  I don't want the time to come for that ever important and yummy meal and not have the makings of homemade macaroni and cheese and brown gravy...because we all know brown gravy makes so many things better.  :)

The boys love the frog and turtle much so that the turtle was slept with at nap time and the frog was played with in the bathtub.  The coloring book and crayons have already been used too!

Thank you, Paw Paw Wayne, for all this amazing stuff!  We feel so loved from 7000 miles away.  :)

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