Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"I washing it, Momma."

I swear I was only out of the room for 30 seconds.

When I walked back in the living room, I saw Parker coming in from the balcony with a wet face.  Oh no!  They turned on the water out there!  There is a hose with a water nozzle and a drain for the water to run into.  I'm guessing you can use the balcony as an area to rinse stuff off but also to maybe wash the floor.  There is a similar set up in the laundry room.  After grabbing Parker so he didn't slip and slide all over the floor, I grabbed my camera (of course!).

After I went out there, I saw that there was water EVERYWHERE..the windows, the floor, their little bodies.  I asked Connar what happened, and he excitedly announced, "I washing it, Momma."  He decided that the wagon that we use for the blocks needed to be washed.  I think he got the feeling that I was going to make him leave the balcony (and the water for that matter), so he promptly plopped himself on the floor and started scooting around in the water.

Talk about a mess!  It was a cute mess though.  :)

realizing how wet his hiney is
So after I got the balcony all cleaned up and dry, Parker snuck back in to mess around some more.  Thank goodness he didn't go for the water again!

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