Sunday, November 11, 2012

"So you don't forget where you came from."

Because I didn't start this blog until a few weeks into our Korean adventure, I have yet to blog about all of the amazing memories from our first two weeks in Busan, South Korea.  As this blog serves as a written history of our family's adventures, it's important that I backtrack a bit and do some posts from our first two weeks here.  Enjoy!

This was my mom's last full day in Busan when she flew over with the boys and I in June.  We spent the day reading, dancing, and just hanging out together. 
Can't you just hear his giggle????
My favorite part of this picture is his little toes are resting on hers.  :)
Yep, the phone is upside down, but just look at those chubby fingers and arms!!!  Love every inch of him!

At dinner, she brought out some gifts from her and my step dad, Joel, with the simple explanation, "So you don't forget where you came from."  It was everything Texas related: shirts, toys, a magnet, a bumper sticker, a book, and a coloring book.
wearing his Texas Ranger badge

Then, we walked over to Baskin Robbins for some ice cream on GrammE's last night with us.
Oh yeah, the longhorn made the ice cream trip with us and even took a gander at all the flavors himself.
It seemed like everywhere we turned, the boys were getting their picture taken.  I love that the guys think they're just as cute as the girls do.  :)
Those are matching shirts, people!  It's too funny to see the outfits couples come up with to match around here.  He's wearing the black sleeve on his left and she's wearing the black sleeve on her right complete each other!

We read a book before bed every night, so this night GrammE wanted to read to the boys.  She chose a book she gave Connar years ago before he was even born called "In Grandma's Arms".

Night night!

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  1. This made me want to cry...I feel the love in this post.