Friday, November 30, 2012

favorite randoms from the past week

These are some of my favorite random pictures from this past week.  Enjoy!  :)

This is on the ferry ride you can take here at Haeundae Beach.  What's your guess as to what is under that square cut out of the wood????  Based on the roll of toilet paper and the newspaper nearby, my guess is a toilet of some sort.

When your 3 year old says he wants you to show him the dinosaur book (even though you know every word is in Korean), you do just that.  He was a good narrator by making up words to go along with the pictures.  :)

the Twilight series in Korean

the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy in Korean

Whoever tied these fishies up must've been a Boy Scout at some point because those have to be some awesome knots to hold all the fish in place!

The up close shot of the fish makes me laugh....not sure why.  I think it's because they all look like they have their own facial expressions and some even look like they're talking.

You've heard of an ice cream truck, but what about a shoe truck????

Pick your shoe, any shoe!  We've got crocs, galoshes, slippers, tennis shoes.....

The boys in their "garage" (AKA Connar's patio outside his room) with their car and motorcycle.
Thank God for NFL Game Pass!  Talton is able to watch his Texans football every week (albeit a day late but that's not the least it's available!).  My mom loves the Texans too, so she brought her Texans blanket and shirt to cheer them on while she watched the game with Talton.
This was the first time I saw the McDonald's employees' spiffy green cold weather outfits.  They remind me of a Girl Scout uniform.  :)

See the gravel on the right?  That's where the railroad tracks are.  Sometimes you find little gardens in the most interesting places around here.  The man on the right is actually the train crossing man.  I guess since no train was coming he thought it would be a nice gesture to help this adjuma tend to her garden.  :)

This man was playing the harmonica overlooking the water while he stood on the boardwalk.  Very peaceful.

Connar and I were "oohing" and "ahhing" at all the goodies Uncle DJ and GrammE sent us from home!

Closed again.  Story of my taco life around here.

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