Thursday, November 22, 2012

Back to Tiovivo we go!

It had been a while since I last took the boys to play at Tiovivo inside the Shinsegae department store, so off we went this week to play our hearts out!  And with my mom visiting, she was excited to see this play place the boys enjoy so much. 

In the past when I've taken the boys here, I've come first thing in hopes of giving the boys a chance to run around without tons of other kids to contend with.  Well I did the same thing this time showing up right when they opened, but I swear there were 3 daycares there thinking the same thing too!  I'm talking TONS of kids!  It was madness.  I had to stand over Parker while he was in the ball pit to shield him from any kids jumping in near him.  That was a little nerve racking.  Connar spent a lot of time playing at the train table and even invited himself in to a few groups of little boys playing together.  He did a great job playing alongside kids he couldn't communicate with.  My friend, Cassie, and her son, Liam, joined us for some Tiovivo fun too!

C & P were so excited to be there that they were trying their best to fly out of the stroller.  Thank goodness for seatbelts!  :)

helping Connar assemble a train track

Check out those matching suits!  They remind me more of a gymnastics team than a daycare group.  :)

He's just not quite tall enough to reach the blocks while standing on the floor.

No cars to race?  We can race ourselves!

Oh boy!  Here comes another daycare!

And this is what I had to shield Parker from when he was in the ball pit and new groups of kids came running in.

Off to the market!

How stinkin' cute is she with her baby scarf?!

more body racing

Since you don't wear shoes in the play area, they leave pairs of slippers for you to wear into the restroom (at the back of the play area).  Connar obviously had to go to the girls' restroom because Daddy wasn't with us.  Cute pink slippers, buddy!

cute little toilet!

They didn't have another pair of adult slippers, so I made due with these little girl slippers.  If they had a heel, I'd look like Cinderella!

My mom sporting the adult slippers

Yeah right, GrammE.  You want them to stop playing for a picture?  Ha!

Look, just the fact that all three boys actually stayed within the frame of the picture and didn't run away was a successful photo op for us!

After playing at Tiovivo, we always ride the elevator up to the 4th floor to change baby diapers and....

...grab lunch for all of us at Burger King.  We get it to go and feed the kids while we walk and ride the subway home.


Almost home!!!!

Aren't we cute?!  Cold, but cute.  :)

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