Sunday, November 11, 2012

girls' night out

Yay for GNO!  Cassie and I have been wanting to go to dinner for at least a month now, if not more, and the stars aligned for both of our families/lives/schedules this week, thank goodness.  We hit up a restaurant called Thursday Party for a delicious dinner and a drink.

Talton is usually the one who tries restaurants first, either because he goes there at lunch with coworkers or because he tried it before we came to Korea, so I was super excited that I got to try a restaurant and report back with a review to him for once.

Dinner turned out to be really yummy!  Don't you love when you don't waste a perfectly good dinner, money, and time on a place that isn't any good?!  We both got burgers and shared an appetizer of nachos (that came after our burgers but whatever...).  Sorry there's not a picture of the nachos, but we were engaged in some juicy girl talk and I completely forgot.
This is how my plate looked when it came out, so for those of you wondering if I'd already eaten some of the fries, no, I had not.  Having so few did make me savor them, though.  :)  Also, the burger came out perfectly, with no onions as I requested which was very nice!

"For vegetarian and beautiful women" .... Now that's just funny!

These came out with our drinks at the very beginning.  They were just like uncooked spaghetti noodles but VERY SALTY.  I couldn't eat it.

The beer name "Hoegaarden" just makes me laugh!

After Thursday Party, we decided to go around the corner to a bar called Rock N' Roll House (on the 14th floor of a building...remember, they build UP, not out, here) for more drinks and for more girl talk.  You can't ever get enough of that, right?!  :)

Even though it was late, I told Talton I'd bring him back some dinner from Thursday Party (if it ended up being any good), so we had to make a pit stop back there before heading home.

They are so fast with the food there!  I swear I ordered the food for him, immediately went to the restroom after that, and two minutes after I got back his food was ready to go.  Because we thought it would take longer for the food to be ready, we decided to order a drink while we waited (don't worry, we walked from our condo to the restaurant and bar so no driving was involved!).  Knowing that we were ordering take out, our waitress brought our drinks in TO GO cups, which we thought was just awesome!  I guess there's a first for everything!

With Talton's food boxed up and our drinks in hand, we hit the street and headed home.  Then, we came across this!  A street vendor was selling cocktails.  I don't really prefer fruity drinks, so it was up to Cassie to indulge.  Yes, I know she already had another drink in her to go cup, but we just couldn't pass it up!
 What made it even better was when we realized the drink was served in a plastic bag with a straw (look at the picture below...the bags are lined up in front of the liquor)!  Hilarious! 

Cassie, thanks for agreeing to both of us getting out of daily pajamas/stay at home clothes, putting on a bra, and leaving the goldfish at home for a great night full of giggling, girl talk, and good food! 

Now that girls' night is out of the way and my mom is coming to Busan later this week, I'm looking forward to a dinner or two (especially for our 7 year wedding anniversary next weekend!) alone with my sweet hubby.  I'm sure he'll appreciate me putting on regular clothes, a bra, and ditching the goldfish for an hour too.  ;)