Sunday, November 11, 2012

riding the rails & dancing on the beach

Because I didn't start this blog until a few weeks into our Korean adventure, I have yet to blog about all of the amazing memories from our first two weeks in Busan, South Korea.  As this blog serves as a written history of our family's adventures, it's important that I backtrack a bit and do some posts from our first two weeks here.  Enjoy!

This was the day we braved the subway for the first time as a family, with a double stroller....and a personal photographer to boot.  ha!  :)  I love that my mom was here for all these firsts when the boys and I first got to Korea because I was able to be in the pictures and part of the whole experience rather than being the one in charge of the camera the whole time.  Thanks again, Mom!
T was showing me how to work the machine to buy a ticket.

The boys were looking down the tracks in anticipation of the train.....

And then it flew by!  So exciting for them to see it up close and personal!  :)

Yep, those are gas masks in the subway terminal.  Better safe than sorry, I guess.  Still a little nerve racking to think one might actually need them one day...  I especially hope never ever ever while we're here or even when we're gone, for everyone else's safety too.

On our walk home on the boardwalk, we came across this dance party on the beach!

My mom couldn't resist going out there to join in, but I stayed back to snap pictures, of course!
Since she wasn't quite sure what the moves were....
I handed the camera over to Talton, and we took the boys out for a spin on the dance floor!  :)

It seems like nearly every Saturday night this cruise ship (in the distance of the following picture) anchors out in the water once it gets dark and shoots off fireworks.  Pretty neat to have a front row show for that!

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