Sunday, November 11, 2012

See you later!

Because I didn't start this blog until a few weeks into our Korean adventure, I have yet to blog about all of the amazing memories from our first two weeks in Busan, South Korea.  As this blog serves as a written history of our family's adventures, it's important that I backtrack a bit and do some posts from our first two weeks here.  Enjoy!

We woke up on this morning, got everyone dressed and fed, packed the remainder of my mom's stuff, and set out to the airport.  It was time for her to return to the U.S..  It was a very bittersweet morning, to say the least.  Saying goodbye to everyone in Houston a couple weeks before was way hard enough, but I always knew saying goodbye to my mom would be the hardest. 

waiting while GrammE bought souvenirs at the airport gift shop
 Time to say "see you later"...not goodbye!


On our way home from the airport, ready to start living this crazy Korean adventure with just our family of four.  :)
That's a driving range.  Golf is super expensive here.
These lighting fixtures remind me of Texas every time we drive past them.  :)

 Even though our day started sad with saying later to my mom, we ended our day with some fun at the beach.  :)

For those of you that have been keeping up with my blog and these posts backtracking our first two weeks in Busan, this post marks the last of that. 

AND I'm happy to report that later this week we'll see my mom in Busan again, except this time at the ARRIVALS gate!  We're all so excited!!!!  I know she's going to be blown away by how much the boys have changed and grown up in the past five months, as will everyone else too when we get back to Texas in a couple weeks.  Exciting stuff people, exciting stuff!  :)

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