Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Connar's 3rd birthday party with friends

After our Skype birthday party in the morning, followed by a trip to the playground, lunch, and then naps, we had our friends over for some more birthday cake and ice cream! 

Talton got home early from work (YAY!) and was able to run over to Baskin Robbins for me to pick up individual cups of ice cream for everyone, and he arrived back home just in time for the arrival of our party guests.  Thanks, babe!  :)

singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the birthday boy

C's gift from the Rawls family - adorable tent!

Of course all four kids had to cram into it at once.  Would you expect anything else???  Didn't think so.  :)
 We played "pin the head on the dinosaur".  Connar had never played "pin the tail on the donkey" before, so Greenlee went first to show him how to play.

giggles galore!

Can someone tell me where the past 3 years went???  Nobody asked me if he could grow up.  He's amazing, and I'm so excited to see what his fourth year of life will hold.  Happy, happy birthday, Connar!  I love you, Monkey!

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