Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Seoul trip - day 2

With a disappointing night of bad sleep and cranky kids in the tiny hotel room with one bed, we made a decision early on to head back to Busan tonight instead of staying another full day.  After filling everyone's tummies with yummy food at the breakfast buffet at our hotel, we made our second day in Seoul count and made sure we took the boys somewhere where they could enjoy themselves and not be stuck in a stroller all day.  Off we went to the Children's Grand Park!

If you read about our trip to the Children's Grand Park in Busan this past Summer, you can understand why we were hesitant to visit the one in Seoul.  It actually turned out fabulous and was everything my travel book and the internet pumped it up to be.  Thank goodness!  It had a zoo, a botanical garden, a small amusement park, an animal show, tons of walking trails surrounded by gorgeous fall colored trees, and even pony and camel rides!

After taking the subway from our hotel to the Children's Grand Park, we spent a couple hours there before hopping back on the subway to grab lunch near our hotel.  While we ate that afternoon, Talton took a quick 5 minute taxi ride back to Seoul Station to exchange our train tickets so we could head back home to Busan a couple hours later.

subway art

subway art made up from millions of tiny colored tiles

subway art painted on stairs
 This is where we came out of the elevator from the subway.  The Children's Grand Park is just around the corner.  Check out all the beautiful, colorful trees!!!

assembling mice wheels on the sidewalk
(the mice were int he little clear container, waiting to run in their brand spankin new wheels I'm sure)
 This is the entrance to the Children's Grand Park.  It was so peaceful and quiet in this area.

Seriously, the foliage was just breathtakingly beautiful!

Look at all the amazing colors!

Then we found the animals!  Woo hoo!

interesting exhibit for a zoo...

These monkeys were hilarious!  They were reaching out, clapping to get people's attention, and then would catch the food pellets when it was thrown their way.

P running to see the elephants

my 3 guys

They had these large buildings where you could go upstairs to view the lions, etc. that were below.  Pretty great idea so everyone's not crowded around the front window of the exhibit.

My oh my.... It was pacing back and forth in front of this window while C sat there.  Lunch maybe???
 This American momma spoke Korean to purchase two pony rides for C & P!  Go me!

 Connar had a ball on the mini horse.  Parker, on the other hand, ummmm... not so much.  It didn't take long for his ride to go south and for him to cry looking for me as his pony went around the circle.  He was so cute doing it though!  :)

You could also take a ride on a camel.  You stepped on it on the other side of this statue.  Too bad C didn't want to do that instead of the pony, because I would've been all over that with him (a parent rode with the kid)!

This was the zoo food.  We skipped eating at the zoo and picked up Mickey D's later.  Thanks but no thanks.  :)

This area was full of metal art.  Pretty cool stuff!

on our way out of the park - Monkey needed a lift  :)
in the subway elevator heading back to the hotel...all bundled up because it was chilly!

That subway was pretty packed!  Not too easy maneuvering a double wide stroller on there, but we managed it.  :)
 We were back in the hotel room eating a late lunch while waiting on Talton to get back with our train tickets to head home soon.

At Seoul Station waiting on our train.... It reminds me a lot of an airport.

P was out like a light because he didn't take his nap earlier in the day.  He actually slept for over an hour and a half, even while we boarded the train and left Seoul.  :)

C playing with his sticky frog to pass time

people waiting on their train to depart

next to our train car

This stack of newspapers was laying on the ground next to the train.

Here is the top rack above the seats where you can fit small luggage if needed.

C was chit chatting with the lady behind him.

Goodbye Seoul!

Look who I saw on the back of a train magazine!

Although we didn't get to see everything we wanted in Seoul, I'm glad we made the decision to head back home a little early.  I knew we did the right thing when we walked in the door of our house and the boys didn't fuss one bit from being tired and hungry after 9 pm.  They were so happy to be back in their own space, and I'm pretty sure they were both so content sleeping in their own beds that night that they didn't budge an inch from the spot they were in when I kissed them goodnight.  Hopefully we'll make our way back to Seoul at some point to explore some more, but for now, I'm just glad that we were able to make some new memories in a new place.  I just adore this family of mine.  :)

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