Friday, November 23, 2012

Delicious food from this week!

While my mom was here, we wanted to be sure to take her to some of our favorite restaurants (I say that like there are so many and we go out to eat so often.  Riiiiiight...).  Anywho, it was a great week for us, because we got the opportunity to eat at all these yummy places within a week's time period.

Let the drooling commence!

* Sharky's (an expat bar and grill in our building) *
Those were DELICIOUS chicken BBQ sliders!  Oh my word!  This makes me want them NOW!

vegetable platter

cheese, bacon, and Ranch fries

Talton's BBQ burger - he loves this!

I ate a regular cheeseburger (great burgers here!) while holding Parker.  It was the only place he would sit still and forget about wanting to run around.  Multi tasking at its best.

* Bulgogi Brothers (Korean BBQ) *
I brought PB&J, chips, and fruit for the boys' dinner.  They ate like champs and enjoyed a movie while we ate BBQ.  :)

trying pepper kimchi -- It wasn't so bad until we told her it was a form of kimchi.  So proud of her for all the stuff she tried this night!  Being picky myself, I know how much you have to will yourself to try new things, even if just for the experience.

sweet onion soup -- This is YUMMYYYYYYYY when you dip your rice in it!

Often times Koreans share food and even drinks, so we were taking a picture sharing a Coke with two straws.  I think my mom may have doubled this opportunity not just for a cute photo op but also to get a nasty taste out of her mouth from some meat she didn't like.  :)

* black'smith (Italian) *
This location is right down the street from Shinsegae and Lotte in Centum City.  We're really excited that they're building another location near us in Haeundae! 

From the moment you walk into this place, you kind of forget you're in South Korea.  The ambiance is great, and they even play American music.  It's definitely not your typical Korean restaurant, which is great when you just want a meal that makes you feel like you're back at home if only for an hour's meal time.  I can't wait until the new location is open closer to our place!

We got the boys all set up with movies/games and their lunch from home, and we were able to enjoy our lunch in peace.  It was lovely!

Yummy caesar salad!  It's big enough to share as an appetizer or for a meal for one.

The margherita pizza was good too.  This was the first time we've ordered this, but I'd actually rather eat their gorgonzola pizza in place of this.  It seems as though all of their pizzas are quite tasty though!

The diablo pizza was really spicy, but Talton loved it too (I can attest that it was good, but it was way too spicy for me to eat more than one bite).

If you're looking for a delicious pizza in South Korea and you make it to Busan or Seoul (where I believe this chain began), you'll do yourself and your tastebuds a favor by stopping in here for pizza.  Really, really yummy!  It's not like the pizza I seem to see everywhere else in Korea that is piled with various toppings that may or may not go together.  I'm a pretty picky eater, and having tried 3 of their pizzas, I'd definitely say black'smith makes the best pizza in town.

This is spicy chorizo pasta.  Delicious as well!  (Really, I haven't had anything here that's less than yummy, and like I said, I'm a very picky eater.)  Like its name implies, it's pretty spicy

The wood burning pizza oven

If anyone ever makes it out here to visit, these are three pretty diverse food choices for you to choose from.  And if you insist and twist our arms', I suppose we'll have to take you to all three during your stay.  ;)

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