Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tot School...brought to you by the letter E

E is for...


He practiced writing E's in shaving cream which was a lot of fun for him and a lot of mess for me.....worth it though to see him smile and laugh that little boy laugh I adore.  :)

It just so happened that Easter fell on the week we were working on the letter E, which was perfect!

I love watching Spider Man Connar concentrate while he's working.  :)

I get many of the printables we use at , because they have so many different activities for the alphabet.  I have to weed through what he can and can't do yet, but I absolutely love this resource!
This is a new activity we tried where you cut out the strips/pieces that form a letter and then glue them down on a piece of construction paper to form the letter correctly.  It's simply an alternative to tracing the letter, writing it in shaving cream/salt, etc., and I really liked it because it forced him to think a little differently than he does when he just writes the letter.
 C loves cutting and gluing, so I knew he'd enjoy this activity.

He did a couple pages in a book where you circle the picture in each row that is the same as the first picture.  This is such a hard skill to learn...and to teach for that matter due to the tedious nature of examining one characteristic on the item at a time.  But we'll keep working at it.

When P sees C doing school work, he often runs up and climbs in his chair to do something too. :)

Next up is F!

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