Saturday, April 6, 2013

play area in the Home Plus in Centum City

There are two Home Plus stores near where we live in Haeundae: Marine City and Centum City.  We normally do our grocery shopping at the Marine City location, only because it's a shorter drive from our condo.

In both stores there is a play area where you pay a small fee for your kids to play.  You can either stay with your kids to play or leave them there while you do your grocery shopping/nearby coffee drinking in the food court in peace.

I'm always looking for new, fun places to take my boys, so we decided to try out the play area in the Centum City Home Plus (only a couple blocks away from Shinsegae) recently.  It is so much bigger than the play area in the Marine City location and has such fun activities for the kids.  I'm sure we'll be making our way back over there to play in the future, because the boys had a blast! 

Let's just say that when a place has a train, a ball pit, OR sand....the Endres boys are all over it!

And let's just say that when a place has a train, a ball pit, AND sand...the Endres boys' momma has to literally carry them out under both arms.  That is not an exaggeration, my friends.

the shoe room

It's a huge bear you can bounce all over!

P grocery shopping

P was not interested in riding the train while sitting in any car other than the engine.  C did not care as long as he was on that train when it took off.  :)

At first I thought P only wanted to ride the train if he was sitting next to C, but that turned out to not be the case this day.  He only wanted to ride it if he could be the conductor.  Ha!
 Again, this one didn't care where he was on the train as long as he was on the train.  Of course, his favorite place to be is in the engine driving that baby, so he did do that once.  :)

Neither of them could reach the pedals, but that didn't stop them!
"Wait a minute!  I know how to work this thing!"


No, your eyes aren't deceiving you.  They put the sand box with kitchen appliances.  It is kind of weird at first thought, but I guess it works because P loved it.
 You can make a sand cake or pour your dinner guest a sand lemonade.  :)

These little guys were brothers.  I still don't understand why they were wearing tights without pants because you could see their underwear right through them....really, I don't understand why boys are wearing tights.  Whatever though, to each their own.  :)

Complimentary slippers waiting at the door to wear in the potty.

It was like being in a giggle factory every time they'd slide down this together.  :)

Parker had a ball in the ball pit (pun intended)!

Then this amazingly adorable little Korean girl showed up.  If I didn't know any better, I'd say that P was flirting with her.  ;)  He kept trying to show off in front of her.  Hilarious!!
"Hey, girl."
 "Hey, boy. How you doin'?"
 In all seriousness, she was too cute for words!

Right before we left, my boys joined those about rough housing!  4 boys, 2 sets of brothers! Oh boy!

What a great little play place!  I truly love visiting new places for my guys to get their boy energy out.  :)

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