Monday, April 8, 2013

a morning hike with my boys

I woke up Wednesday morning and, after looking out the window to see gorgeous weather, asked Connar if he wanted to go on a hike.  I knew his answer would be an enthusiastic "YES!"

So after breakfast, I packed up my packpack with water, snacks, and my camera, and the three of us set off down the boardwalk toward Dongbaek Island, the hill at the other end of Haeundae Beach, where we live.  Because I didn't want to chase after boys on our walk to and from Dongbaek, I took the light light as a double stroller can be.  Once we got to the first set of stairs at the beginning of the hike at Dongbaek, I folded the stroller up and proceeded to guide my little boys up and down stairs and even across a suspension bridge.  They had a blast! 

There were tons of high school kids donning backpacks hanging out at the beach.  We'd see them all again later as they hiked Dongbaek Island with us.

Can you imagine being allowed, being required to go on hikes during your school day?  Not such a bad idea, especially when the hike takes place near the beach.


Does a 2 year old care where he throws a fit?  No way Jose.
He was fit to be tied because I wouldn't let him take a different path by himself.  The people that hiked by us at this time probably thought I was batty for letting him lay on the ground like that, but really, what was the better option?  He went a little crazy when I tried to pick him up, so he was actually safer laying there until he got over it.  Don't worry, I moved him over to the right so the people could pass us without fear of being tripped by flailing feet.  :)

Hiking in groups is the thing to do here: women, men, school groups, business name them, they hike.

This sequence of pictures makes me smile, because they were trying to make each other laugh. :)

Neat thing... They sat on these very rocks last June, 10 months ago, and smiled for the camera.  Because I see them every day, sometimes I don't realize how much they've grown until I compare pictures.

 proof....5 men in full on suits and fancy shoes hiked right on by us

P's cup slid under that rail onto the rocks below (the jury is still out on whether it was on purpose or not), so guess who got to hop the fence to retrieve it?  C was full of encouragement as I did this: "You doing a great job, Mommy.  Thank you for getting Parker's cup, Mommy."  :)

When we finally reached the top, I opened up the stroller and set Parker in.  He was tired of walking at that point.  I only carried him up or down a couple large set of stairs when groups of people were waiting behind us.  Other than that, he hiked the rest just like Connar.

There's a small exercise area at the top.

APEC House is on the tip of Dongbaek Island (with Gwangan Bridge in the background)

Then it was time to take a leisurely stroll back down the other side of Dongbaek...on even ground.  :)

This group of girls was adorable.  They actually stopped to talk to us the boys as we were hiking.  How cute are they with their hearts?!

A picture? long as you'll take one with my camera too!  :)
Now imagine all these girls giggling, "ooh"ing and "ah"ing, and in your face asking your name and how old you are....all at the same time...and then you have an idea what it's like to be C and P.  I don't blame them for hiding behind me or burying their face in my neck.  The girls were so well intentioned and sweet though.  One of them was talking in Korean to her friend when I heard her say "Potter".  I turned and said, "Yes, he's our Harry Potter," and she kind of freaked out because she was shocked I figured out what she was talking about (P and his glasses).

Check out the woman and man on the left.  He's pushing his own wheelchair up the hill!

Our morning hike ended with spotting this tractor near our building.  They were both mesmerized.  :)

I was so proud of them both for hiking that hill.  For 2 and 3 year old's little legs to do all that walking is asking a lot but they both rose to the challenge, and we had so much fun on our morning hike together.  Watching them made me realize how big they're getting, right in front of my eyes.  It's moments like this, when I hike a hillside overlooking the ocean in a foreign country with my kids, that I feel extra blessed to be living this adventure.

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