Friday, April 26, 2013

our Thursday

Some days I don't have much to report and then there's other days when I could go on and on.  Today was the latter.  It was good day full of fun stuff.  Here's how our Thursday panned out...

When I went to check on Connar, who tells me "Leave me alone" when he's going #2 on the potty because he likes to do his do in peace (hmmmm....I wonder what that's like!) , he looked up from the toilet and told me, "It fell in the toilet."  The "it" was the air freshener that sat on the ledge next to the toilet.  Awesome.  Thank God it was floating around on the top of the water and not below with all the unmentionables.  Gross, I know.  Feel bad for me since I'm the one who had to fish it out.  Again...awesome.

I found Parker like this on the table playing with his cars.  
Why?  I don't know, but it was obviously comfortable for him.  He often sits in questionable positions that make me laugh.  :)

I took the boys to the aquarium....for free!  I'm so happy that I bought a season pass for us last month.  This is our third time going since, and we've totally paid for the passes at this point.  Of course the boys had a blast.  Parker seriously loves the Rock Pool where you touch the sea creatures in a shallow pool of water.  If I let him, he'd sit smack dab in the middle of the thing and play in the water with the crabs hanging out of the shells, the tiny sharks, and the starfish.  When a group of kids gathered around us to get a chance at touching the creatures, Parker gave the top of the water one good SpLAsH! which made all the kids take a step back and wipe their faces.  That was our cue to move on.  :)  Connar swears to me that he loves the tarantulas, which I just don't understand, because he wouldn't let me hold him up to the window to see them really close.  I reassured him that they couldn't get out, but he was content with standing back to see them.  Silly boy.  By the way, I love love love hearing him say, "That shark has yuck mouth!" every time we go to the aquarium and sees the sharks with their hundreds of teeth poking out in every direction.  I also love that he walked up to this photo op area where you stand in the mouth of a big plastic shark and told me, "Take my picture, Momma."  He proceeded to do the following pose with THREE fingers up instead of two, the usual Korean way, before I corrected him.  :)
I was giggling so hard on the inside, because is the second time in the past week that he has made the peace sign on his own when I'm taking his picture.  He has obviously been watching every Korean that takes a picture around us do this.  Soooo funny!

After the aquarium, we swung by Burger King for some nuggets and fries.  I couldn't help but think the same thing I thought at the aquarium about the boys growing up and being able to listen better and just sit when I need them to.  It's so nice.  After we ordered our food, Parker wanted to sit in the chair and asked for the iPad.  Connar followed and they sat there silent for the wait for our food.  They're such good boys who are getting to be bigger every day.  :)
 While we waited on our food, these American flag shoes walked in....on a Korean teenager.
 And this restroom sign was posted in the hall near BK.
"Lady" and "Gentle"   :)

I took Goofy Connar and Parker out to play in front of our building.
 P was searching for treasure in the dirt.  :)
 C brought me flowers.  I'm training him early.  ;)
 They played with their friend, Liam.
 P had a barking conversation with a dog.  Hilarious!
 Hey, handsome!

 To top off the day, C made toilet paper train tracks when he was suppose to be taking care of business (read more about that here).

I call this a fun and full Thursday.  :)

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