Sunday, April 7, 2013

cherry blossoms on Dalmaji Hill

With the cherry blossoms in full bloom last weekend, Talton and I loaded up the boys and headed out to Dalmaji Hill...the prime cherry blossom viewing area in Haeundae.  I had been looking forward to seeing these gorgeous flowers covering trees in person for nearly a year, and let me just tell you, it didn't disappoint.

After we parked, I immediately spotted some interesting artwork,
 this funny looking squirrel (Is that its hair or its ears???),
 these cutie pie kids posing for their dad,
 and these FIVE! coffee shops in a row (look at the purple arrows in the next two pictures)!  I had to take two pictures, but these two places are side by side.  I promise, you will never want for a coffee shop in Busan.  There's literally one on every corner and all in between!

We parked at the top of Dalmaji Hill and walked down to enjoy the view of the cherry blossoms.
P thought this bench looked comfy along the way.  :)

Even Koreans graffiti their love on public property!

These 3 guys right here make my world go round.

C: "A tree?!  Here I go!"
P: "There's gotta be something on this ground that I want....a rock maybe??"

As we neared the last stretch of cherry blossoms, we decided to wander off into the forest on a hiking trail instead of turning back the way we came.  We had no idea where the trail led, but we were excited about our spontaneous adventure.  Little did we know our little exploration would last an hour before we found a trail leading back up the hill.  More on our unexpected hike in the next post!

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