Friday, April 26, 2013

our precious time

Around a month ago when Connar started going to his gym class for an hour three times a week, I quickly realized that Parker and I were getting something out of it too.

We got time alone.  Just the two of us.

I can't tell you how precious a gift this is for us, but I'll try to explain.  You see, when I had Connar, he was our only child so he got every second of our on one.  Then, when I had Parker, I found myself a bit sad that (1) that time was cut in half with Connar and (2) that Parker would never get our full attention in the same way, simply because we now had multiple children that we had to divide our time between.

It wasn't until we dropped Connar off at gym class on one of his first days and walked to a nearby playground that I realized I was at the park with only one kid...and it was Parker!  He was finally getting some good quality time with Mommy that didn't have to be shared.  

Some days we go to the grocery store together and gawk at the fish and other animals in cages and other days we play at the playground.  He loves to swing.  Oh, how he loves to swing!  He loves to take my hand and lead me to different places on the playground.  And if he wants to go play in dirt and find rocks to throw, I'm good with that and happy to follow along, because I don't have another kid with me going in the opposite direction that I'd have to chase down.

I'm soaking up all this alone time with him, because I know from experience that it's not often you get time alone with just one of your kids.  It has also reminded me how important that is.  They need their own time to talk to you or just be with you.  And while my kids do love each other and enjoy playing together, it's good for them to learn how to play alone sometimes.

This time is just so special, and I'm so happy that both of my boys are enjoying their independent time a few times a week.  Connar loves going to his gym class, and Parker loves playing with Mommy.

Here's a glimpse of our most recent playground date.  Enjoy!


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