Friday, June 21, 2013

Love those green eyes of his!

What I love even more than his green eyes is that they're not hiding behind his glasses anymore, because.....
he got LASIK!

Talton made a consultation appointment for Wednesday, and they called and said, "If you're a candidate, we'll be prepared to do the surgery immediately if you are."  So from the moment he walked in the door for a consultation and the moment he walked in our door, driven home by their complimentary driving service after the surgery, it was less than two hours.  So fast!

At that point he was already seeing things better than he was with his glasses, and within 4 hours after surgery, his vision was spot on.  He could read words from far away and everything was perfect.  Talk about amazing.

I had him explain the procedure to me, and I'm thinking I'll go ahead and do it too and just make myself get over the idea of them clamping my eyelids open.  If I'm going to do it, now is the time and here is the place.  T's LASIK cost around $1100 for both eyes!!  He was looking at paying more than that for each eye in the U.S., so saying that getting the procedure done here is cheaper just might be the biggest understatement ever.

I haven't been wearing my contacts for a few days now to get my eyes ready for LASIK, so I'm hoping to get in for a consultation and surgery soon.  I'll keep you updated!

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  1. Yeah Talton! Kristi Gail,you should definitely do this too. In fact if I make it back to Korea I'm having it done too!