Sunday, June 23, 2013

Haeundae sand festival

I'm pumped that I was able to see this year's annual Haeundae sand festival, because I missed it by one stinkin week last year.  This year's theme revolved around movies, so hopefully you'll be able to identify the films in the many pictures below!

A couple weeks before the sand festival, big tractors and dump trucks worked to gather sand from the shore line and pulled it back on the beach to create large mounds of sand that would later be used for sculpting by various sand artists from all over the world.
I took these pictures over a week's time period, so I actually caught many of the sculptures as they were being created.  I tried to organize them the best I could so you can see them in progress as well as the finished product.  I'm still just as amazed looking back at these pictures as I was when I saw them in person with the talent it takes to create these huge pieces of art.  They are so detailed and so flawless!  Really, really cool!










They even created small mounds for a small, amateur contest.

We didn't get a chance to do this, but they had this large hill of sand for people to slide down!

The pictures don't do this sand festival justice.  I'm so thankful I was able to finally see it in person!

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