Monday, June 25, 2012

our first visit to the hospital

Before leaving Houston, we all visited our doctors to make sure we were up to date on any vaccinations necessary for traveling to and living in South Korea.  The one we couldn't get in the United States was Japanese Encephalitis, so we promptly made an appointment at the local hospital in Busan to get it (we'll have to go back in the coming weeks and months for boosters).  The hospital is 5 minutes from our apartment, which is wonderfully convenient.  The International Health Care Center offers English translators, and we ended up with a very nice and helpful young man named Ethan.  He was born in Busan, but he actually attends college in the United States and comes back during the summer to visit his family.  He was volunteering as a translator at the hospital for the summer to earn hours for college.

The nurses gave the boys lollipops as soon as we got there, so that kept them occupied for a bit while we waited.  You can see Ethan, our translator, talking to Talton about how he's going to school to be an accountant....what a small world, that's exactly what Talton does!
hugging some of the nurses

Connar getting weighed.  This machine was actually pretty cool, because a little bar quickly lowers down and lightly taps the patient on the head to measure their height at the same time.

Parker didn't cooperate as much with the weighing and measuring.....

There was a little playroom waiting area, but these three toys were the only ones in there.  I think we may need to donate some of our toys in the future once the boys have outgrown them.

cute police car

Parker was trying to get out of the police car as Connar continued to push it, so you can imagine what the next picture would be like if I hadn't jumped up to stop the car.

Some other little friends came to play too.

my adorable Bug

Connar and Parker were friendly, as usual, and talked to the other kids, but the other kids just stared at them with no response.  Connar and Parker kept smiling and talking though.  Too cute.

When Connar saw this little boy see-sawing with his hands by his sides instead of on the handle bars, he had to do that too.

This is interesting... This is how medication comes.  Each pill is in its own little packet instead of in a pill bottle.
These are our ID cards at the hospital.  Look under the black bar... That's Connar's name written in Korean!

This is Parker's name written in Korean!

This is Kristi's name written in Korean!

This is Talton's name written in Korean!

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  1. The boys just get More Adorable EVERY Day and I think the Names look Awesome!!! Love you guys ♥