Monday, June 25, 2012

grilling for the first time

In order to grill in our high rise apartment, we have to go to the 16th floor.  That means Talton has to carry a small, portable grill and everything needed to start the fire, not to mention the food and cooking utensils, from our apartment on the 5th floor up the elevator and outside to the 16th floor.  Quite a bit of work but totally worth it!  This being our first time to grill here in Busan, the boys and I wanted to go up there too to see what grilling is like at the top of a high rise.

The boys headed out the door to the roof on the 16th floor.

You can see Talton grilling in the background.  The boys discovered a small area with rocks to play.  Now to keep them situated here with the rocks and nowhere near the edge of the building where they could accidentally drop them...

Connar wanted to bring his horse to play in the rocks.

There was a gorgeous view up there.  We could see the Gwangali Bridge in the distance.

I love watching them play together.  They're definitely each other's best friend.

A view from a different side

Connar helping his daddy grill the chicken

Mommy and her babies

sweet, sweet, sweet

I love that he still has a crease on his wrist between his hand and arm.  I also love the dimples on the hands!

Final product... Chicken and cheese quesadillas!  Delicious!  Thank you, Talton, for making us a little piece of home.  :)

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  1. I LOVE looking at ALL the pix you post. It's Always been like getting to see the boys grow even though we don't live close. ( And NOW we Really DON'T live close.... ) LOL