Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bye and Hi!

So I pulled out the suitcase to start packing in Houston and the boys jumped right in.  It was hilarious to see them squished in there together!


These are the awesome people who woke up extra early to ride with us to the airport (Kaylon, Ryan's girlfriend, came too..she took this picture).  Thank you for seeing us off!  :)

Joel, Connar, Kelsie, Kristi, Ryan, Parker, and Darlena
Look at all that luggage!  Can you spot the boys in the stroller in front of all the luggage? When I say I was prepared for that flight, I mean it.  I told people when we left, "If this flight doesn't go well, it's not because I'm unprepared."  I had books, coloring books, toys of all kinds, movies, iPads, medicine, I bought special toddler headphones (They're GREAT by the way! They fit amazingly well on their little noggins.), had tons of name it, I had it.
Monkey and Bug in their pajamas waiting to check in at the airport.  This stroller was a life saver.  There was a time I considered not taking it and allowing the boys to walk, thinking that I didn't have room to take a stroller too with all that luggage.  What in the world was I thinking?!  Having this stroller was a necessity.  It allowed me to buckle these boys down and know they weren't going anywhere as well as giving our arms a break by strolling them around the airports.

We ate breakfast next to the window so the boys could look at the planes.  They were mesmerized!

Parker filled the time waiting to board the plane in Houston by driving a parked golf cart.  At first I thought we might get in trouble for allowing him to sit in it without the real driver, but then I thought, "Who could get mad at this adorable face?!"  So I let him get on up there and drive.  :)  When the lady came to drive it away, he was not a happy camper, to say the least.  Thank goodness another drove right up and parked.  She looked at us like we were crazy when we told her how glad we were to see her so Parker could "drive" her cart.

:)  He fits!

Connar found a tunnel to crawl through while we waited.  Normally I wouldn't let them crawl all over the ground at the airport, or anywhere else for that matter, but this was one of those days that I decided to pick my battles wisely.

Before we boarded the plane, we stopped at the window to let the boys see the actual plane we'd be riding on.

Connar played a game on the iPad as the plane took off...with a lollipop in his mouth to help with the ear popping.
Parker played with Mater and Lightning McQueen.

Connar played with puzzles.

Parker played games on the iPad.  How cute is this picture?!  He looks like a businessman doing work on his laptop.  :)

This is Parker watching a movie as we took off from Houston.

He just wanted to be loved on.

The airplane spanned nine seats: 3, aisle, 3, aisle, 3.  We needed four seats, so we bought two seats on either side of an aisle so we could still sit next to each other.

The babies would switch seats between me and my mom every now and then.

Connar and I played with his sticky frogs for the last hour or so of the flight to keep him occupied.  I kept his headphones on to try to block out some of Parker's fussing, because they tend to feed off each other.

This was in the Tokyo, Japan airport where we had to take a shuttle from one part of the airport to another.  You can't tell from this picture that we'd been flying for 13 hours and the boys had been awake for around 17 hours at this point (with a cat nap here or there).

checking in at the Japan Airlines counter

Boy, was I over the moon to see him in person for the first time in 7 1/2 weeks!

Parker giving Daddy kisses

He missed his boys terribly.

This is when Connar woke up to Talton's voice and turned around to see him for the first time.  Such a precious moment!

Connar giving Daddy kisses....and Parker waiting for more.  :)

Talton walking us into our apartment for the first time.
The boys took off as soon as we stepped foot inside.

They were ecstatic to see their toys that they hadn't seen in over 2 months!

Connar made the best use of his time by mowing the lawn while riding the motorcycle.

We just had to let them play with their toys for a short while before bathing them and putting them to bed for the first time in Busan.  We were so tired yet so happy to be at our new place.

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