Tuesday, May 20, 2014

family & fajitas

Family & fajitas...Now that's a good mix if you ask me.

We got a wild hair to invite family over for lunch on Sunday at the last minute, and we were so happy they were available!  Who am I kidding?  Free fajitas and our company for a couple hours, I'd hop on that too!  ;)

There was a lot of baby lovin, a few naps snuck in, loud boys, and lots of laughter.  That's my kind of Sunday afternoon.

 Holden is getting to be a chunky monkey, just how we like them!
 Love this little priss!
 Barrett & Connar Spider-Man
 "Smile Parker.  Put your teeth together."
 sister sister.
 I must've pulled out three board games and even more puzzles for them to play with...

This is just a priceless video of C reading to Barrett and P.  I love that P joins right in singing and how both C and P turn every now and then to look at Barrett to make sure he's following along.  They even stop briefly sometimes to give Barrett a chance to say the word (since it's repetitive, they figure he should know the words at a certain point)....too funny...think they've had someone read like that to them??  :) I love (1) catching them reading, and (2) when I see them read the way I've modeled for them.  :)


I love my family.  :)

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