Sunday, October 6, 2013

see ya soon, everyone!

This was the third time we went through the whole shebang of spending time together and saying "see you soon" on our last night in Houston before heading back to Korea the following day.  Saying bye to those you love never gets easier, but I do have to say that this time was easier than the previous two for one reason: we knew we'd be coming back home for good six weeks later!  :)

I heart her soooo much!

All the boys in the house in the living room together...big guys watching football and little guys playing a game or watching a movie.

I love that he sits like this, like a grown man with his foot propped up on his knee.  :)

After everyone left and PaJ went to bed, Talton went upstairs to get everything ready for the boys' bath and to leave early the next morning.  When I came downstairs, I found GrammE playing with and spending every last second she could with these monkeys.

 Oh how they love and adore their GrammE.  We are so lucky to have her.

Off to bed we went to get as much rest as possible for the next day of traveling.
This visit to Houston was really great.  It was full of good times and good people...the best combination.  I'm looking forward to being back home so we can make that a regular thing again and not a twice a year affair.  :)

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