Wednesday, October 2, 2013

dinner at my dad's

My dad and Esther invited us over to their house for dinner while we were in Houston.  Little did we know that they also invited the rest of the family....what a fun surprise to see everyone trickle in!

Just looking at this pool (actually any body of water) gives me anxiety.  We have got to get the boys swim lessons ASAP, because just having them around deep water scares me...even if there are adults around.  They are daredevils and just want to jump in the water, and let me tell you--just typing those words freaks me out.  Anywho, they did have a ball swimming in Paw Paw and Esther's pool with their daddy and my dad.  They would've stayed in there all night if we let them.  They're definitely water babies.  I'm thinking we're gonna need a pool in our next big house.  :)

my Mamaw and Papaw...
Isn't she too darn cute with her glittery sandals and red toenails?!  :)

And how about my cousin, Addison?  Such a cutie patootie!

P found his seat on my cousin Josh's shoulders.  :)

August birthday babies...

Seriously.  What is with the way he's eating cake lately?  He even has a fork at the tips of his fingers!
 ha!  :)

My aunts, Deandra and Dena.  :)

Thanks for having us over, Dad and Esther!  Sorry I didn't get more pictures of the rest of the people there.  I was too busy visiting.  :)

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