Tuesday, October 1, 2013

big birthday dinner

We have a big family, so it's often difficult to get us all in one place at one time.  We do try to do it, though, to celebrate each other's birthdays.  Because it can be so hard to get everyone together, we like to bunch birthdays that fall near each other together and have one big birthday dinner.  That's what we did for the August and September birthdays in our family.  There were 5 people to celebrate: Mom, Talton, DJ, Liz, and Aaron.  And then because my friend, Cassie, was visiting during this time and her birthday is in August, we included her in our big birthday dinner as well.  :)

There was lots of playing and visiting before we ever had dinner.  I think the boys were in this pool nearly every day we were in Houston.

P thought it was cool to lay on the side of the pool and watch the water run into the yard.

Ha!!  P was trying to get his uncle Ryan wet by giving him a hug after getting out of the pool!

Look how BIG P looks!

Little did Liz know that that cute fella on the left would be proposing to her in an hour.  :)

How cute is this?  I caught him loving on the baby.  :)

The big boys did their share of "playing" too.

P thought it was the absolute greatest thing ever to throw himself into the pool and land face first in the water...and then get up and do it over and over again.  So funny to watch!

Apparently C needed to be alone with the Nilla Wafers...either that or he just wanted to eat as many as he could from the box without anyone knowing...because he went and sat on this bench behind the garbage cans when there were plenty of chairs for him to sit on where we all were sitting.  :)

Kate & Aaron rode over from across the street to hang out for a bit.  :)
P loves him some Kate.  He led her to the pool like she was going to get in with him.

Uncle DJ got in the pool with the boys!

And then he pulled C out, because he bought him a special present!

How adorable are these two in their towels wrapped around their waists?!  Too funny.
C loved his watch!  Thank you, D.  :)

It's just crazy to think that we'll have two new babies to add to this brood at this time next year!
Can't wait!!!!

So here's the story with the sad-faced Connar.
When the whole surprise proposal was going down and people were opening birthday presents, C thought everyone would get a chance to open a gift.  So when it was all said and done and DJ had proposed and we were all moving on and cleaning up, Talton and I noticed that C went missing.  We found him sitting at the top of the stairs like this.  He finally divulged that he was sad that he didn't get to open a birthday present.  :(  Talk about making your heart sad.
We explained to him why he didn't get a present this time, but assured him that when it's his birthday he'll get a present.  After that and some good lovin', he was good to go and happy again.  :)

Well that's one way to eat cake.  :)

Speaking of birthdays, I can hardly believe that I'm about to have a 4 year old in a month!
How is that even possible?!

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